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When working on a two-lane road and you need to occupy one of the two lanes, traffic will need to be redirected using a flagging crew. Our flagging crew will manage the flow of traffic, ensuring that travelers pass through your work zone safely. Our crews are well equipped to handle any length of closure as well as the varying degree of difficulty each work site presents.

Traffic Control

Salus Traffic Solutions can provide lane closures for big and small projects on a variety of different roadways. Whether it’s single lane closure or full median diversions, our crews can set them up safely and efficiently. Our team is also experienced in the management of special events like parades, festivals and productions for film, television or theatre.

Traffic Control Plans

When applying for a “Road Occupancy Permit” the municipality may require more than a typical layout from OTM Book 7. That’s where we come in, providing you with a detailed site-specific traffic plan that is easy to read and implement. Our drafters have years of experience designing plans, with a vast knowledge base of what the municipality is looking for from your permit application.


Looking for top-quality equipment for your project needs? We provide a wide range of well-maintained, professional-grade equipment for rent. As per OTM Book7.