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Salus Traffic Solutions is a distinguished, family-owned, and operated traffic management company, specializing in expert flagging and lane closure services across the province of Ontario. Our continued client trust is grounded in our extensive track record of success and industry expertise. You can consistently rely on our team to deliver secure road closures with the utmost efficiency.

Whether it involves road construction, environmental initiatives, or special events, we provide a safer way forward. With our seasoned personnel and top-tier fleet of equipment, we accommodate diverse clientele and closure requisites. We are dedicated to collaborating with you to identify the ideal traffic management solution for your forthcoming project.


Salus Traffic Solutions is a family owned and operated traffic management company specializing in flagging & lane closures throughout Ontario.

01 Safety

Ensuring that all travelers and workers get home safely at the end of the day.

02 Efficency

We understand that every minute on the road is valuable to you. Therefore, we always set up work zones correctly and effciently; allowing you to take full advantage of the time you have allocated on site.

03 Reliability

We will be there for you every time you need us; doing the job safely and correctly.

04 Responsibility

The lives and safety of the workers we protect is our greatest responsibility, one that we take extremely seriously.