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Ensuring the safety of our clients and the traveling public remains our foremost commitment. At Salus Traffic Solutions, we specialize in delivering secure, adaptable, and customized traffic management solutions. Collaborating closely with our clients, we meticulously assess the distinct demands of each project, tailoring our approach to their specific requirements. Our dedication to enhancing the customer experience underscores our unwavering focus on assisting clients in the safe and punctual completion of their projects.

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When working on a two-lane road and you need to occupy one of the two lanes, traffic will need to be redirected using a flagging crew.

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Traffic Control

Salus Traffic Solutions can provide lane closures for big and small projects on a variety of different roadways.

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Traffic Control Plans

When applying for a “Road Occupancy Permit” the municipality may require more than a typical layout from OTM Book 7.

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Salus Traffic Solutions is a family owned and operated traffic management company specializing in flagging & lane closures throughout Ontario.

01 Safety

Ensuring that all travelers and workers get home safely at the end of the day.

02 Efficency

We understand that every minute on the road is valuable to you. Therefore, we always set up work zones correctly and effciently; allowing you to take full advantage of the time

03 Reliability

We will be there for you every time you need us; doing the job safely and correctly.

04 Responsibility

The lives and safety of the workers we protect is our greatest responsibility, one that we take extremely seriously.



At Salus Traffic Solutions Inc, we hold the firm belief that our employees constitute our most invaluable resource. As a prominent entity in the service industry, the quintessential embodiment of our company’s image and reputation derives from the caliber of our workforce, underscored by their proficiency, expertise, and rigorous training. We are always looking for individuals who are team-orientated, self motivated, and have a strong work ethic and positive attitude to join our ever-growing team.